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When teaching, I seek to honor the principles of Inclusive Excellence wherein all participants feel inclined to bring their expertise, identities, learning, and experience to bear on the topics we are considering in class. I care deeply about student learning and development. I have been influenced by Paulo Freire’s work Pedagogy of the Oppressed and bell hooks’s work Teaching to Transgress. I have a desire to co-create with students a classroom space that is liberatory, challenging, and inclusive of the diverse experiences, identities, and expertise students possess. I am interested in helping students cultivate the skills, efficacies, and expertise necessary for engaging in research and leadership within organization and governance so that they may enact their roles effectively while dismantling systemic oppression, promoting opportunity and equity, and strengthening the public purposes of higher education. 

I primarily teach courses in higher education organization and governance and public policy at the University of Denver.

Organization & Governance Courses

HED 4220 Organization and Governance

HED 4294 Rankings Systems in Higher Education

HED 4294 Regional Public Universities

Public Policy Courses

HED 4212 Introduction to Public Policy

HED 4242 Educational Policy Analysis

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